Writing the city. Urban and street art

826-9 copertinaWe would like to inform that the book Writing the city. Graffitismo, immaginario urbano e street art edited by Roberto Mastroianni has just been published.
Urban writing is here analyzed from different viewpoints. Philosophical and semiotic approaches, art-historical and art-critical, as well as political and juridical perspectives examine the urban writing process and its development in street art and post-graffitism.
A special part is dedicated to the urban writing politics of the city of Turin with the experiment of PicTurin and MurArte.
The authors are: Emiliano Battistini, Omar Calabrese, Gaetano Chiurazzi, Clara Cibrario Assereto, Martina Corgnati, Renato Galbusera, Massimo Leone, Federica Martini, Marco Mondino, Francesco Poli, Roberto Salizzoni, Cecilia Santambrogio, Elsa Soro, Simona Stano, Federica Turco, Ugo Volli, Nayden Yotov.
Some texts are also available in English. Find more here.

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