CFP: Russia after the Soviet Empire?

CFP: “Russia after the Soviet Empire?”
Lund University 17-19 August, 2011
The year 2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Although hopes ran high for democratisation, transition to a market economy and transformation of Russia into a model liberal democratic state, imperial legacies, nostalgia for the lost empire and great power ambitions soon made themselves reminded. […] Focusing on institutions, ideologies and practices, papers should preferably address one or more of the following topics:

* Russian great power ambitions and the European Union
* Foreign and security policy development
* Russian great power ambitions and bilateral relations with other former Soviet republics
* Russia´s great power in political discourse
* Uses of history as a source of legitimacy and/or conflict
* Return of the Russian empire in media and culture
* Whose empire returns? Post-Soviet immigration to Russia and the rise of Russian ethno-nationalism.
Deadline for submissions of abstracts is 22 April, 2011.
The conference will be held at Lund University, Sweden, at the Centre for Languages and Literaturre. Dr. Johan Dietsch:

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