Berlin and East-German cities

“Your city has become a strange city,
how can you still exist?
The house has become a house of tears,
it makes my heart like water…
Ur and its temples have been swept away by the wind”
“Ur was indeed granted kingship,
but it was not granted eternal reign.
From time immemorial, since Sumer was founded,
until today that the people have multiplied,
who has ever seen a reign of kingship
that would last for ever?”

The Lamentation over the destruction of Sumer and Ur
Sumerian Text 2200 BC [1]

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© All photos by Robert Conrad, 1995-2008.,

[1] Text and pictures from the catalogue “Berlin. Traces of urban memories” (ed. Liza Candidi T.C.), Forum Editrice, 2009.
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